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InstallShield Build Causes Memory Error



After building an InstallShield project that has components defined with Net Scan at Build set to 'Dependencies and Properties' or 'Properties Only', InstallShield exits with errors.
When building the a project from within the InstallShield Developer Environment (IDE), upon exiting the IDE, InstallShield crashes with the following Application Error:
     The instruction at "0x6531d3d3" referenced memory at "0x0415bcc0". The memory could not be "read".
When building a project from the command line using IsCmdBld.exe, the build ends with error code -1073741819.


This problem is due to an issue introduced in the InstallShield 2012 ISWIScanners.dll.


This hot fix can be applied to all the InstallShield 2012 Editions, including the InstallShield 2012 Standalone Build product.
To apply the hot fix apply, please perform the following:
  1. Download the attached hot fix file,, to a temporary location.
  2. Exit all instances of the InstallShield 2012 IDE and verify that there are no InstallShield 2012 builds in progress.
  3. Locate the InstallShield 2012 System folder, <ISProductFolder>\System.
    • By default, this file is located at "C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2012\System".
    • For the Standalone Build edition, by default, this file is located at "C:\Program Files\InstallShield\ 2012 SAB\System"
  4. Create a back up copy of file ISWIScanners.dll
  5. Extract the ISWIScanners.dll file contained in the hot fix .zip file to the InstallShield 2012 System folder, <ISProductFolder>\System



For all Components defined in the InstallShield project, set .Net Scan at Build to None.

Additional Information

This problem is being tracked internally by issue #IOA-000065545, and has been resolved in InstallShield 2013 and later.


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